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Don't Bite the Hand that Feeds You

Don’t bite the hand that feeds you is an English proverb that means that you should not hurt someone who does good things for you. For example:

Luigi, you shouldn’t be so disrespectful to your father.
Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!

For further examples, look at the following news headlines that contain this English idiom:

Apple to Chinese court: Don’t bite the hand that feeds you
- thetechblock.com, 22 February 2012, Jon Dick
Don’t bite the hands that feed you, warns UN food agency
- timesofmalta.com, 30 November 2011, Dario Thuburn

The following video from
dailymotion.com shows scenes from the Occupy Wall Street Movement accompanied by Steppenwolf’s song Power Play, which contains the English proverb don’t bite the hand that feeds you. Do you think that this song was the right choice for the film? Why?

power play - don't bite the hand that feeds you von tonowando

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