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One-Hit Wonder

A has-been is someone who is no longer successful, famous or popular. For example:

Right now, he is a star; but how long will it take until he is a
At one time, she was a well-known actress who was in demand. Now, with no work and no money, she had to face the fact that she was a

Anyone who is
passé, past his prime and no longer in the spotlight can be called a has-been. Some recent headlines which contain the English idiom has-been (also written as has been) are:

Robbie Williams: I’m obsessed with being a pop star and not a has-been
- metro.co.uk, 29 October 2012, Arwa Haider
Mr Has Been: Rowan Atkinson reveals he might kill of Mr Bean to avoid being seen as sad
- mirror.co.uk, 18 November 2012, Patrick Hill

While people can be called
has-beens, they can also be referred to as never-weres, i.e. people who never had a taste of success, fame or popularity. What English term could you use to describe people who are aspiring to become successful or famous but, perhaps, don’t have the talent to make it possible?

a) wannabes
b) nevergonnabes
c) willabes
d) wishabes

correct answer can be found here.

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