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Winning Against the Odds

In a post-election article entitled US election results: Barack Obama - a hard-nosed leader with charismatic speaking skills, the Economic Times states:

Barack Obama, who won a second term to the White House today against all odds, is a hard-nosed leader with an even-keel temperament, charismatic speaking skills and a knack for consensus-building.

But what do the English idioms
against the odds, hard-nosed, even-keel and knack mean? Test your language skills with the following short idiom quiz:

1. When you win an election
against all odds, you win it...
a) despite a lot of difficulties and when you were not likely to win
b) with the support of your party and voters
c) quickly and easily

2. A leader who is
hard-nosed is...
a) tough
b) arrogant
c) honest

3. An
even-keel temperament is best described as a...
a) balanced and calm temperament
b) passionate temperament
c) impulsive temperament

4. When someone has a
knack for doing something he is....
a) naturally talented at it
b) not good at it
c) determined to do it

To view the correct definitions of the
English idioms against the odds, hard-nosed, even-keel and knack, click here.

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