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Speak Your Mind

To speak one’s mind means to say what you really think; to be direct; to express one’s opinion clearly and openly. If someone asks you to speak your mind, he is asking you to be honest with him - to tell him what you really think.

Look at the article titles below see the English idiom to
speak one’s mind in use:

Giorgio Armani Speaks His Mind on Prada, Dolce Gabbana
-fashionologie.com, June 23 2011, FASHIONOLOGIE
A teacher speaks her mind
-peoplesworld.org, March 23 2011, A YOUNG TEACHER
Can you speak your mind and keep your job?
-medicaleconomics.modernmedicine.com, April 23 2001, Robert Lowes

When is it a good idea to speak your mind and when is it better to bite your tongue, i.e. to be quiet and keep your thoughts to yourself?

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