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Rolling in Money


Image: zirconicusso / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The English idiom to be rolling in something means to have something in large quantities and usually refers to money. If you are rolling in money, you have lots of money, probably more than you can ever spend. Look at these headlines and read who is and who isn’t rolling in money:

Daimler is Rolling in Money
-thetruthabout cars.com, 27 July 2011, Bertel Schmitt
Nintendo rolling in money as Wii nears 25 million units
-n4g.com, 2009, Chris Greenhough
NCAA isn’t rolling in money
-macon.com, 7 July 2011, Michael A. Lough
Gizmodo not Rolling in Money off iPhone 4G exclusive
-okaygeek.com, 23 April 2010, Ricard Trejo

What other organizations/people do you think are rolling in money?

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