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Red Carpet Treatment

Customers want to get it. Businesses hope to give it. It is the red carpet treatment.

Red carpet treatment can literally mean having a red carpet rolled out for you - as you see at the Oscars or the Cannes Film Festival - or it can simply mean getting or receiving special or royal treatment. You know, the kind of treatment that you are supposed to receive as a customer because, as we have often been told, the customer is king, right?

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Here are some recent headlines to show you the use of this idiom:

Red carpet rolled out for the first day of school.
(Source: The Independent Online, Published: 4 August 2011, Author: Mike Jacobs)

William and Kate’s Red Carpet Treatment
(Source: perthnow.com, Published 10 July 2011, AFP)

The second headline - with William and Kate - isn’t that surprising. After all, with royals, you would expect royal treatment, wouldn’t you? But what about the first headline? The author of this article described how a group of school children got the red carpet treatment on this day. He wrote clapping and cheering, their teachers greeted them outside the front door and whisked them past the crimson velvet rope line like celebrities. This feeling was definitely missing on my back-to-school days. How about you?

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