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Ignorance is Bliss

The English expression ignorance is bliss is an American proverb that means not knowing something is happiness .
We can all think of situations when ignorance, i.e. not knowing something, was actually good and saved us from stress and unhappiness. Situations in which
ignorance is bliss could be:

  • unknowingly eating flies in your soup...and enjoying it
  • being unaware that your co-worker, who does the same job as you, earns more money than you do...a lot more
  • not knowing and never finding out that you made a speech in front of 100 people with your zipper down....unfortunately

It seems that there are some things in life that you would simply prefer NOT to know, especially the rather trivial things above. When, however, would you say that
ignorance is NOT bliss?


Image: happykanppy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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