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Green With Envy

Today’s idiom is green with envy. This English expression means to feel unhappy or envious because someone else has something that you want. People are said to be green with envy, go green with envy or even to turn green with envy, which, perhaps, refers to a change in the colour of a person’s face when he or she feels envious. Here are some sample sentences with the idiom green with envy:

1. André is taking a trip around the world. His co-workers are green with envy!
2. When they saw her new car, they turned green with envy!
3. When Fritz heard how well Maria had done on her test, he
went green with envy!

In the English-speaking world, the colour green is often associated with jealousy or envy. What does the colour green symbolize in your culture? Are there any idioms in your language connected to the colour green?

Green Idioms

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