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Foot the Bill

Today’s idiom is to foot the bill, which means to pay for something. You can see this phrase used in sentences like the following:

Let’s go out to eat. My company will
foot the bill.
If a member state goes bankrupt, the European Union will
foot the bill.

A recent newspaper article was titled:

Tourists Foot the Bill to Keep Venice Above Water
- newsfeed.time.com, 1 August 2011, Nick Carbone

This article describes how all hotel guests in Venice are going to be charged a tax to help maintain the city. According to a 2 September 2011 NTI Media article on travel-news.co.uk, the tax is determined by hotel star-ratings and amount to as much as €5 per person. The city of Venice refers to this tax as a cultural donation. Do you think this is a good idea? Should hotel guests foot the bill for the city’s maintenance?


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