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Food for Thought

An excellent way to learn new English vocabulary is to take a look at the daily headlines in newspapers in magazines. Headlines need to be attention grabbing - clever enough to offer readers something to think about. Idioms are perfect for this purpose. Today’s idiom food for thought means exactly that: something to think about.

Here are two article titles that I recently came across containing this metaphorical idiom:

Food fur Thought: Jennifer Lopez right to wear fur coat? (Source: The Sun, Published: 03 August 2011, Author: Fergus Kinnon)


Food for Thought: Can Manchester City Beat Manchester United in Sunday’s Community Shield Clash at Wembley? (Source: goal.com, Published: 06 August 2011, Author: Karan Bhansali)

With both of these titles, the authors are giving readers something to think about, i.e. the correctness of wearing fur and the outcome of a soccer game. In other words, they are giving them
food for thought. Please note that the word for was intentionally misspelled in the first headline. The author was playing with words when he wrote fur instead of for in Food fur Thought.

I hope that this blog has given you some
food for thought today!

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