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Fat Chance

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Today’s idiom is fat chance. It is a common informal phrase that means that’s not very likely to happen. Here are some sample sentences from recent newspaper articles:

Me, go on a diet? Fat chance (ft.com, 27 May 2011, Mrs. Moneypenny)
Lose weight by breathing? Fat chance (mailonline.com, 25 July 2011, Claire Coleman)

In both of these titles, the expression fat chance could be replaced with that’s not very likely to happen or, even, that’s not going to happen. Although both of these examples are referring to weight, fat chance can be used with any topic. Here are some other examples:

Do you think that Eugene has done his grammar homework?
Fat chance!
Fat chance! Mark never studies and won’t pass the test!

Can you think of any questions to which you would reply
fat chance?

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