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Fat Cat

The idiom fat cat refers to a very wealthy, privileged and/or influential person. It is someone who has much more than he needs.

Here are some newspaper headlines with the idiom
fat cat:

The Council Fat Cat Earning 570000 (telegraph.co.uk, 18 February 2011, Holly Watt, Robert Winnett & Steven Swinford)

Why Defend Fat Cat CEOs? (Bangor Daily News, 19 August 2011, Michael Fasulo)

Fat Cat Going Into Production, Jaguar Cxx75 Hybrid Supercar to Cost $1.1 Million
(AutomotiveAddicts.com, 6 May 2011, Malcolm Hogan)

In the last headline about a new car going into production, the term
fat cat is used as an adjective. One can talk about fat cat cars, a fat cat lifestyle, a fat cat attitude etc...The expression fat cat tends to be negative. How would you describe a typical fat cat in terms of his lifestyle and attitude? Can you name any well-known fat cats?

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