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Face the Music


Today’s idiom is to face the music. It means:

to admit error and accept the consequences or punishments for having failed or having done something wrong

Here are some sample sentences using the English idiom:

1. As soon as he was caught lying, he knew that he would have to
face the music.
2. At tomorrow’s annual meeting, the CEO will have to
face the music.

The English expression to
face the music is said to come from the British military practice of playing the drums when someone was called before a British military court - obviously, an unpleasant event in which one had to face the consequences for one’s actions.

These two news headlines further demonstrate the idiom’s use:

Who Should Have to Face the Music When Banks Fail?
- wisebread.com, 27 April 2010, Sarah Winfrey

Will BP Have to Face the Music?
- upi.com, 15 May 2011, Michael Kirkland

Human beings seem to have a need to make people
face the music when something goes wrong. Can you think of any current situations - political or otherwise - in which individuals are being forced to take responsibility for their actions, i.e. to face the music?

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