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Call It A Day

Quit Idioms ESL

Today’s idiom is to
call it a day. It means to quit or to quit work and go home. It is often used to say that a day’s work has been finished. Here are two simple examples that demonstrate the use of this idiom:

1. I think that we have worked hard enough today. Let’s
call it a day and go home.
2. I’m tired. Let’s call it a day.

In the world of business, this English idiom is also often used when individuals resign from their jobs or end their careers. Take a look at these two examples:

Steve Jobs Calls It a Day
- english.aljazeera.net, 25 August 2011, video

LG Electronics’ CEO Calls It a Day
- techtree.com, 17 September 2011, techtree news staff

However, the expression to call it a day can also be used when a business, part of a business or project is ended. This can be seen in the following headline:

Daihatsu Calls It a Day Across Europe
-whatcar.com, 17 January 2011

Another area where you will often hear the expression to call it a day is in the world of sports. Take a look at this old headline from 2002:

Why Legends Sampras and Agassi Should Call It a Day
-independent.co.uk, 30 June 2002, John Lloyd

Often, professional athletes find it difficult to call it a day. Deciding when to say good bye is not always easy. When should a professional athlete call it a day? What well-known athletes have called it a day within the last year? Which athletes should think about calling it a day?

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