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A Tough Act to Follow

Today’s idiom is a tough act to follow. It means:

to be so good it is not likely that anyone or anything else that comes after will be as good

Here are some sample sentences using this idiom:

Mrs. Audley is the best teacher our school has ever had. She is a tough act to follow.
Last year’s concert was excellent. It is going to be
a tough act to follow.

These two recent headlines demonstrate the use of the idiom
a tough act to follow:

America’s Got Talent is a tough act to follow on summertime TV (nola.com, 31 August 2011, Jerry McLeod)
Apple CEO: A tough act to follow (9to5mac.com, 25 August 2011, Seth Weintraub)

What or who do you think is
a tough act to follow?

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