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A Fighting Chance

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Today’s idiom is a fighting chance. It means a chance to win or succeed, but only after a hard struggle or fight. I could ask you, for example, Do you think that Australia has a fighting chance at the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil? and you could answer Yes, I think that the team has a fighting chance. In addition to sports, there are many other subjects one can discuss using this idiom: political plans and programs, illness and medical treatment, world problems and potential solutions, etc... Look at these article titles to see the idiom a fighting chance in use:

Why World Peace Has Fighting Chance
- utne.com, 26 August, David Schimke
Help Give Sharks a Fighting Chance
-yourmana.com, 19 June 2011, Dragon
Get A Fighting Chance Against the Common Cold
-silive.com,November 8 2010, Gail Larkin

In reference to the last title, are there really ways to get a fighting chance against the common cold? If yes, what are they?

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