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Pop the Question

The English idiom to pop the question means to ask some someone to get married. Look at these magazine and blog article titles to see how this idiom is used:

Prince William Finally Popped the Question
- nymag.com, November 16 2011, Nitasha Tiku
He Popped the Question. And She Said Yes! Now Let’s Celebrate!!
- sarinaloveblog.com, April 11 2011
Celeb Marriage Proposals: How Do Stars Pop the Question?
- people.com, June 25 2009, Christina Tapper
How to Pop the Question - A Guide to the Most Important Question You Will Ever Ask
- articlesbase.com, May 28 2010

If you had written the last article on how to pop the question, what would your advice be? What is the right way to pop the question? What is the wrong way?

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