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Pep Talk

A pep talk is a motivational speech that encourages a person or group of people to work harder, do better or win a competition. Pep talks can be given in any situation in which people need inspiration, motivation or encouragement. A coach can give his team a pep talk, a mother can give her child a pep talk or a politician can give his or her country/electorate a pep talk. You can see some examples of this English idiom in the following news headlines:

Obama Delivers Powerful Pep Talk to Students
- nbcchicago.com, 8 September 2009
Chancellor Publishes Pep Talk for the Nation
- dw.de, DW Staff / AFP (jen)
Namibia: Governor Gives School Pep-Talk
- allAfrica.com, 21 February 2012, Toyeimo Haidala

You can get an even better idea of what a
pep talk is by watching the following television commercial. The English spoken in this short film is not the easiest to understand - but, fortunately, actions speak louder than words and you won’t need the words to understand what is meant by the term pep talk.

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