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Poster Child

While the English expression poster child can refer to a child who appears on a poster to help raise money for a charitable organization, it can also be used to speak about someone who is a classic representative or example of a state, type of person, movement, situation or ideal. For example:

Luigi is not only great at English grammar. He is also the
poster child of Italian bodybuilding.

In the sentence above, Luigi is called the
poster child of Italian bodybuilding because he is, for whatever reason, considered to be a perfect example of it; in other words, Luigi is the epitome of Italian bodybuilding. Poster children can also be called poster boys or poster girls. For some good examples, have a look at the following article titles/headlines:

From poster boy to wanted man: Oscar Pistorious faces the biggest struggle of his life
- mirror.co.uk, 14 february 2013, Oliver Holt
Clegg is a poster boy for a politician who breaks his promises and fails to deliver
- labour.org.uk, 18 February 2013, Michael Dugher
Angela Merkel’s austerity poster girl, the thrifty Swabian housewife
- guardian.co.uk, 17 September 2012, Julia Kollewe
Beckham set to land £20m deal to become poster boy of Qatar World cup
- albawaba.com, 2 February 2013, Syndicate.info
Skiing poster girl Lindsey Vonn airlifted to hospital after serious crash
-independent.co.uk, 5 February 2013, Simon Rice

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