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Piece of Cake

You use the English idiom a piece of cake to say that something is very easy. Here is an example that contains this expression in both its negative and positive form:

Spelling the word flower is a piece of cake. However, spelling the word chrysanthemum is not a piece of cake.

Some things in life are viewed as simple to do, i.e. are pieces of cake, and others are not. Here are some blogs or blog entries that make reference to things that are not a piece of cake:

Getting a Driver’s License in Sweden: Piece of Cake (NOT)! - Part 1
-goglocalmag.com, 6 October 2011, Andrea Mendez
Dieting is Not a Piece of Cake
- dietingisnotapieceofcake.blogspot.com, Mrs. Darling
Baking is Not Always a Piece of Cake!
- goodness.com.au, 11 February 2011, Amanda@Team Goodness

Admittedly, getting my driver’s license was
not a piece cake, dieting has never been easy for me and baking has never been among my talents. What was or is not a piece of cake for you?

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